School Beats STEAM 6th-8th Kit
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 School Beats STEAM 6th-8th is a 4 unit, 20 lesson plan project-based curriculum. The purpose of the School Beats curriculum is to use a student run record label to engage as well as educate students in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Students will actively run their own entertainment company by taking on the responsibilities and job functions of each position from CEO to Audio Engineer. Students will learn to produce, compose, record, and market their music. The kit includes (1) instructor’s guide; (20) student workbooks; ProTools software complete with M-Audio Protools Interface; (1) MIDI keyboard; (2) studio monitors; (1) microphone complete with stand; (1) headphone, and cables to connect it all.

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School Beats STEAM 6th-8th Kit

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